June 6, 2024

The Inside Lane: Building the Future of Automotive Connectivity with Xaver Müller

Welcome to the debut episode of "The Inside Lane," a new video podcast series by 4screen. In each episode, we explore the future of connected mobility by interviewing leading experts and gaining insights into the innovations, challenges, and opportunities that lie ahead. We're thrilled to kick things off with a conversation featuring our very own Head of Automotive Integration, Xaver Müller.


  1. Introduction: Xaver Müller
  2. What Does the Head of Automotive Integration Do?
  3. Celebrating Three Years at 4screen
  4. From Pitch Deck to Millions of Vehicles
  5. Key Milestones and Achievements
  6. The Importance of In-Car Demos
  7. A Unique Background
  8. The Onboarding Process for OEM Partners
  9. Future Innovations
  10. Staying Connected

1 . Introducing 4screen’s Head of Automotive Integration: Xaver Müller

In this inaugural episode, Xaver Müller discusses his role at 4screen and the journey of the company over the past three years. Xaver has been instrumental in integrating the 4screen platform into some of the largest automotive brands, including Mercedes, Audi, Hyundai, Kia, and Skoda.

  1. What Does the Head of Automotive Integration Do?

Xaver's role involves connecting car manufacturers to the 4screen platform. This includes acquiring new partners, defining and developing use cases with them, and running the integration process to get more cars connected. His team works diligently to ensure that drivers can benefit from the platform's features.

  1. Celebrating Three Years at 4screen

Xaver recently celebrated his three-year anniversary at 4screen, marking significant milestones in the company’s growth. Starting as the first employee in the automotive team, Xaver has seen the company grow from fewer than ten people to nearly 100.

This rapid growth brings new challenges and opportunities, allowing employees to take on more responsibilities and solve problems creatively.

  1. From Pitch Deck to Millions of Vehicles

Reflecting on the early days, Xaver recounts how the company started with just a pitch deck and an idea. Today, 4screen is live in millions of around the world, a testament to the trust and collaboration with OEM partners. This journey from concept to widespread implementation is a remarkable achievement for the team.

  1. Key Milestones and Achievements

Several key milestones have marked 4screen’s progress. Early proof of concepts with OEMs like Mercedes, Audi, and Skoda helped demonstrate the platform’s potential. These initial successes paved the way for further partnerships with Hyundai and Kia - And a few more OEM brands soon to be announced.

Each new integration has brought unique challenges and learnings, contributing to the platform's continuous improvement.

  1. The Importance of In-Car Demos

Xaver emphasizes the importance of in-car demonstrations. While remote meetings are convenient, experiencing the product firsthand in a vehicle provides a different level of understanding and engagement. Events like IAA Mobility and Mobile World Congress have been crucial in showcasing the platform to potential partners.

  1. A Unique Background

Xaver’s professional background in the automotive industry, including management consulting for OEMs and suppliers, made him a perfect fit for 4screen. His experience with connected, autonomous, shared and electrified vehicle trends aligns with 4screen’s mission to drive and innovation in the automotive sector.

  1. The Onboarding Process for OEM Partners

Xaver outlines the onboarding process for new OEM partners, which includes getting to know each other, defining use cases, and aligning on objectives. This is followed by technical assessments, contract negotiations, and finally, implementation and testing. The process, from start to go-live, typically takes six to twelve months, which is quite quick by automotive standards.

  1. Future Innovations

Looking ahead, 4screen aims to expand its regional reach and add new OEM partners. Personalization is a key focus, allowing the platform to tailor content to individual drivers based on their preferences and behaviors. This continuous evolution ensures that both drivers and business partners benefit from the platform's capabilities.

  1. Staying Connected

For those interested in partnering with 4screen, Xaver suggests reaching out directly by clicking here to book a meeting.

4screen will also be present at upcoming events like Move London and Auto Tech in Detroit, providing further opportunities for engagement and discussions.

Coming Soon

This first episode of "The Inside Lane" has provided valuable insights into 4screen's journey and future directions. We thank Xaver Müller for sharing his experiences and look forward to more exciting episodes exploring the future of connected mobility.

Stay tuned for more updates from 4screen, and don’t forget to subscribe to our channel on YouTube and follow us on LinkedIn for the latest news and developments.


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