October 26, 2023

In-Car Recommendations: Turn Your Customer’s Needs into Navigation

Don't promote the problem; provide the solution. This is the core principle behind most successful messages. However, when it comes to drivers, this concept is sorely missing… Until now.

Introducing 4screen's brand-new In-Car Recommendations, a revolutionary new ad format that connects drivers with relevant businesses at their exact moment of need, converting real-time vehicle data into value-driven navigational prompts and exclusive offers.

These dynamic Recommendations appear to the driver through the car screen and adhere to the highest safety and privacy regulations.

How In-Car Recommendations Work?

While driving, there are a few informative prompts that drivers receive along their journey:

  • Is your fuel tank running low?
  • Does your electric car need charging?
  • Have you been driving for an extended period without a break?

Currently, vehicles can alert drivers to these issues. However, in this digital age, merely identifying a problem isn't enough. Instead, it is about providing a viable solution as well. And that is the exact purpose behind 4screen's In-Car Recommendations.

By tapping into extensive vehicle data and collaborating with select on-route businesses, 4screen can pinpoint the exact moment a driver needs assistance and showcase your business as the solution directly on the car screen.

Low Fuel In-Car Recommendation

Instead of just notifying the driver of low fuel, 4screen partnered gas stations can appear on the car screen as the most convenient stopping point.

Exclusive In-Car Offers can incentivize immediate action, securing new business in real-time.

Charging In-Car Recommendation

You can now connect with electric car drivers precisely when they need a charge.

Provide guidance to nearby charging locations and sweeten the deal with exclusive offers from nearby businesses: A fast-food restaurant can offer a free charge IF the driver makes a purchase from their branch. 

For gas and charging stations:

  • Only relevant branches within a 10km radius will be displayed.
  • Recommendation prompts appear at 140km and 70km ranges.

Driver Fatigue In-Car Recommendation

Driver fatigue can be identified based on the duration of a non-stop drive and the steadiness of steering.

Instead of just indicating a potential need for a break, Recommendations are provided stating where drivers can stop. Discounts, rewards, and promotions can be provided alongside the break recommendation.

Destination Arrival In-Car Recommendation

4screen can recognize when a driver reaches their destination and intends to leave the car.

Businesses can now offer perks, such as free parking or exclusive loyalty points, to incentivize visits and purchases:

  • A restaurant can offer to pay for a customer's parking if they visit their location and make a purchase.
  • A retailer can promote an exclusive loyalty points bonus if the driver uses a unique QR Code promotion.

Now, you are not only boosting awareness of your brands, but you are also delivering additional value alongside your high-quality products and services.

In-Car Recommendation Triggers and Offer Relevancy

Context Is King

Because of the contextual nature of these In-Car Recommendations, the conversion from first impression to customer destination is extremely high. This comes down to three major factors: 

Timing – Your business appears at the moment when your services are expressly required.

Relevance – Low gas triggers won't recommend supermarkets. Driver fatigue signals won't recommend bookstores. By utilizing specific vehicle data points, 4screen can ensure that your brand appears as a Recommendation ONLY when there is a specific need and in the right context.

Lack of Alternatives – Drivers are inherently more receptive to destination suggestions given the confines of their environment. They simply do not have the luxury of scrolling through a wide range of alternative options. This results in high conversion rates for real-time value-driven Recommendations.

Your On-The-Go Customer Solution Starts with In-Car Recommendations

Become the problem-solver for your nearby customers today and transform their needs into navigation. Click here to learn more or connect with an In-Car Marketing Advisor to get started.

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