September 28, 2023

The Detail Screen: How to Promote Your Business to Drivers

What if there was a way to directly contact your on-the-move customers and give them an exclusive incentive to come to your business? With 4screen's Detail Screen, you can do this and much more.

The Detail Screen is an innovative update that allows businesses to deliver exclusive promotions, discounts, and deals directly to their customers through  the car screen.

Using thousands of unique vehicle data points, this responsive technology ensures that your message reaches ideal customers who are both nearby and in need of your services. And because 4screen is integrated into the car's digital interface, all promotions are done according to the highest safety and privacy standards.

How Does the Detail Screen Work?

When planning a journey, drivers will either enter a destination query in the search bar or seek out the the exact location on their car screen.

Traditionally, the information that popped up was quite limited and primarily used for navigational purposes.

However, with 4screen’s new driver interaction platform, your business can now provide a wealth of real-time information that not only enhances the driver’s journey but also delivers a brand-new retail experience for your target customers.

This includes:

  • Your logo
  • Star ratings and reviews
  • Special services and amenities – WiFi, available restrooms and parking
  • Branch phone number - with the ability to call directly from the car screen
  • And an exclusive offer, delivered through a QR code

With a Detail Screen campaign, you now have the chance to secure new business by providing a unique promotion that drivers can redeem at your location, giving them a practical, tangible reason for choosing you as their ideal destination.

And with 4screen's full analytics suite, we can track your campaign's progress and success:

  • Click Rate: Did your potential customer click to see the In-Car Offer?
  • Navigation Rate: Did they select your location as their destination?
  • Store Visits: Did they visit your location?
  • QR Code Tracking: Did they use the QR Code of the In-Car Offer to avail of the promotion?

How Effective Can the Detail Screen Be?

Relying on your location to drive revenue is no longer enough. And while static OOH advertising, such as billboards, can be good for raising brand awareness, they simply are not responsive enough to push critical purchase decisions.

That is where a dynamic Detail Screen comes into play. Now, you can connect with your audience at their highest decision-making moment while delivering that final value-adding incentive as well.

The Results Are In

Across all verticals, businesses are enjoying the success and safety of this brand-new marketing and promotional channel:

Supermarkets like Kaufland have seen incredible results by launching an in-car marketing campaign that promoted their loyalty card.

Totalenergies saw first-hand the benefits of the Detail Screen when they provided a unique discount to on-the-go customers for their car wash services.

And it's not just the businesses that appreciate Detail Screen campaigns. Recent studies have shown that 80% of drivers are also in favor of receiving sponsored offers and content in the car.

Detail Screen Campaign Ideas

4screen's Branded Pins and Sponsored In-Car Search put your business on your customer's map like never before. But when paired with the Detail Screen campaign, you now have a significant driver of new business and revenue.

And the fact that you can update your car screen profile within minutes means you can communicate your latest offers, deals, and promotions in real time with proper context.

With the peak retail season just upon us, make sure that your business adds in-car marketing to your promotional strategy:

Black Friday – Don't let the biggest retail day of the year pass by without ensuring that your on-the-go customers know about your specific sales. Drop a Black Friday discount code onto their car screen and spread the word about your upcoming offers.

Holiday Sales – Help nearby shoppers tick items off their Wishlist this year by communicating special deals at your exact location.

New Year's Deals – Expand your New Year's promotions beyond the traditional boundaries and deliver your message of savings to millions of drivers.

Keep your competitors from snapping up the in-car marketing spotlight. Secure your place on the car screen now and deliver true value, promotions, and savings when your customers need it the most.

If you would like to learn more about how the Detail Screen works or to get your brand ready for the upcoming holiday shopping season, simply book a meeting, and one of our advisors will be in touch.

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