Through a dedicated in-car marketing campaign, TotalEnergies saw long-term success with their car wash promotion. Over the course of seven months, the global energy brand saw a +30% growth in location-based search clicks by connecting with nearby drivers directly through the car screen.

+30% 1

Search Clicks

1: Campaign duration: 7 months

About TotalEnergies

TotalEnergies is a global energy company that operates in all aspects of the energy sector. The company has a presence in more than 130 countries and is committed to providing clean and affordable energy solutions that promote sustainable development. TotalEnergies is focused on driving innovation and investing in cutting-edge technologies to help meet the world's growing energy demands while also reducing its environmental impact. With a diverse portfolio of energy offerings and a commitment to responsible business practices, TotalEnergies is a leading player in the global energy market.


TotalEnergies, one of the largest service station operators in Europe, was looking for ways to use new marketing channels to increase awareness of their locations and the visibility of their brand in Germany. This included running an exclusive car wash promotion to boost sales at their stores.


To achieve this, TotalEnergies worked with 4screen to launch a nationwide in-car search campaign that delivered their promotional car wash discount to targeted, on-the-go customers. By ranking in the key positions of driver’s search, TotalEnergies saw a high click percentage over the course of their multi-season campaign, driving even more business to their select locations.

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