By implementing a unique In-Car Offer campaign from 4screen, UUNO saw a substantial 19% conversion rate from targeted customers, in an exclusive space, through the car screen. By connecting with drivers, at the right moment, UUNO was able to deliver their unique promotional offerings and drive more business to their locations.


Conversion rate


Click Rate

1: Campaign duration: 7 Months

About UUNO

UUNO is an app-based service provided by Superoperator GmbH, a Finnish company that specializes in digital car washing. The goal of UUNO is to offer customers a convenient and streamlined experience when it comes to buying and redeeming car washes. With UUNO, customers have access to over 10,000 car washes across Germany, including information on opening hours, washing programs, prices, and special offers. UUNO aims to make the process of getting a car wash as simple and easy as possible for its users.


UUNO is an app that provides a convenient and digital car wash experience at connected car wash sites across Europe. The company launched a new corporate identity and aimed to attract nearby drivers to the digitized locations by increasing brand visibility and expanding the company’s outreach to new customers.


By partnering with 4screen, UUNO connected with nearby drivers, for the first time ever, to promote their special car wash service discounts. This resulted in high conversion and click-through rates that drove new business and location awareness for their select branches.

We have found a unique communication channel with huge potential to provide valuable offers to drivers and engage with our customers.

- Nicolas Meibohm, Co-Founder UUNO

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