The in-car marketing strategy implemented by 4screen for Waitrose was a great success, leading to a 41% increase in Branded Pin impressions. This helped to significantly expand the brand's digital presence and customer reach. The campaign also resulted in a 30% rise in Navigations, which directly translated into more customer visits to Waitrose stores.


Impressions Increase

+30% 1


1: 6-months

About Waitrose

Waitrose is a quintessentially British supermarket chain known for its commitment to offering customers quality, service, and value. With a heritage stretching back to 1904, it's a brand that combines the convenience of a supermarket with the expertise and service of a specialist shop. Waitrose has a strong ethos focused on sustainability, community support, and responsible sourcing, which is reflected in their comprehensive organic range and the Waitrose Foundation's initiatives.


After the closure of Waze Ads, Waitrose needed a new platform to reach drivers and on-the-go customers. They aimed to improve location awareness and attract more business to their various branches.


Waitrose partnered with 4screen to launch a dynamic six-month In-Car Marketing campaign. The Branded Pins campaign increased Waitrose's visibility on driver's car screens, while the Sponsored In-Car Search ensured that Waitrose was displayed at the top of relevant store searches, leading to an increase in Navigations. Additionally, the In-Car Recommendation campaign attracted nearby drivers at key decision-making moments.

After Waze discontinued its services, we needed to find a new way to connect with drivers. And we found that answer with 4screen. Their dynamic campaigns created a significant boost in both awareness and in-store traffic. We are thrilled to have seen such strong results with 4screen.

- Nikky Gamble - Waitrose Digital Marketing Manager Programmatic & Affiliates

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