October 12, 2023

Your Black Friday In-Car Marketing Strategy

Black Friday is the biggest in-store shopping day of the year. But with more brands competing for attention, how can you make sure that customers choose your business this retail season? The solution lies in incorporating a new promotional strategy that blends location-targeting with dynamic digital advertising. It's time to implement your new Black Friday in-car marketing campaign.

The Retail Season Begins

While it started out as a uniquely American concept, Black Friday is now very much a global phenomenon. And with this popularity also comes competition.

One of the best ways to cut through the noise this year is to launch a new marketing strategy that has been proven to drive customers to your door while also providing a 10x return on ad spend.

Your Black Friday In-Car Marketing Strategy

With in-car marketing, your brand can now connect safely and securely with customers directly through their car screens, delivering exclusive Black Friday promotions, discounts, offers, and rewards.

By leveraging thousands of vehicle data points, your Black Friday marketing campaigns will target nearby drivers in need of your services, ensuring the highest chance of success.

Branded Pins - Put your business on nearby customers' maps this Black Friday by having your logo appear at your location on their car screen.

Sponsored In-Car Search - Rank at the top of related in-car search queries, ensuring your chances of being selected as a driver's destination of choice.

In-Car Offers - Provide exclusive discounts and savings through the car screen, giving that extra incentive to drive to your location.

Recommendations - Using key vehicle data, 4screen can suggest your service at a driver's highest moment of need.

But what Black Friday in-car marketing campaigns should you run this year?


Electronic stores can stand out from the crowd this Black Friday by using our Branded Pins format to put their logo on the car screen of nearby customers. This has been proven to increase location visibility and boost in-store visits.

Toy shops can help nearby shoppers tick items off their wishlists by presenting exclusive Black Friday In-Car Offers on the car screen in real-time:

While bookstores can drive readers to their locations with dynamic limited-time Black Friday promotions:

Fashion brands and clothes stores can engage shoppers in a new way, delivering Black Friday discounts or rewarding loyalty with unique gifts:


Say a driver searches for a restaurant as a destination query on their car's navigation screen. With 4screen's In-Car Sponsored Search, you can have your restaurant appear at the top for all relevant search queries made by nearby customers.

In a recent In-Car Sponsored Search campaign, Domino's witnessed a 24x spike in tracked navigations to their locations compared to organic search results. This occurred because their branches landed in the top 2 spots of Restaurant Searches throughout the duration of their campaign.

Imagine how impactful this campaign will be for your business this Black Friday?


Maybe you are a supermarket looking to showcase your new Black Friday deals in a unique manner. With 4screen's In-Car Offers, you can now position your discount on the customer's car screen, giving a firm incentive to choose you as their destination - Add a QR Code to the In-Car Offer for another dynamic promotional opportunity.

Follow in the footsteps of Denns BioMarkt, who provided an exclusive Black Friday Breakfast deal for morning commuters – This one campaign alone resulted in over 10 million impressions and led to a 5% increase in store visits.

And since 4screen also provides a personalized campaign dashboard, the results of your in-car marketing activities are fully trackable: In-Car Impressions, Click rate, Navigations, Store Visits, QR Code Tracking, and more!

Start Your Black Friday In-Car Marketing Engine Today

From retailers to restaurants, 4screen is currently working with top brands across each step of the driver’s journey to provide true value, savings, and loyalty in an exclusive space.

Get your Black Friday in-car marketing campaign on the road this retail season. Simply click here, and one of our advisors will help you get started.

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