February 15, 2024

Easter In-Car Marketing Campaign Ideas

The mornings are getting brighter. The temperatures are gradually rising. This can only mean one thing: Winter is coming to an end… Finally! But this changing of the season also signals opportunity, as the next big holiday is right around the corner: Easter.

With forecasts predicting that consumer spending will soar to an unprecedented $24 billion, now is the time to build an effective Easter marketing strategy that will have customers leaping through your doors this March.

But instead of trying to outspend your competition on the various crowded channels, how about you connect with your customers in a new exclusive space where your message has a higher chance of resonating? This year, it's time you launched your first Easter In-Car Marketing campaign.

Your Easter In-Car Marketing Strategy

In-car marketing has emerged as 2024’s next big opportunity, enabling businesses with the opportunity to reach drivers in a personal, direct, and dynamic manner.

This approach not only breaks through the clutter of traditional and digital marketing tactics but also aligns perfectly with the on-the-go lifestyle of modern consumers. A lifestyle that only ampliies at Easter.

In the UK alone, 40% of Britons plan to travel by car over the Easter weekend. This surge in customer mobility makes In-Car Marketing the ideal strategy for Easter promotions.

But how exactly does In-Car Marketing work, and what sort of Easter campaigns can you launch before and during this bustling holiday season?

The Easter In-Car Marketing Opportunity

As Easter signifies a period of high consumer activity and mobility, it presents an optimal moment for businesses to engage with audiences in a uniquely impactful way. In-Car Marketing taps into this opportunity by offering an intimate and direct channel of communication with consumers.

Whether they are traveling to an Easter event, shopping for the holiday, or planning a special family get-together, In-Car Marketing ensures your message not only reaches them but does so at a time when they are most receptive.

For instance, retail businesses can target consumers heading to shopping districts with personalized offers, while restaurants can entice drivers with special Easter brunch or dinner promotions.

Similarly, supermarkets can capture the attention of shoppers with enticing deals, and event organizers can promote Easter events directly to families looking for nearby festive activities.

Retail Easter In-Car Marketing Idea

Imagine notifying drivers of a limited-time Easter sale as they approach your store, complete with an exclusive in-car discount code. This not only drives foot traffic but also creates a sense of urgency and exclusivity.

With 4screen's Destination Arrival Recommendation ad format, your store can connect with potential customers at the exact moment they arrive near your location - the perfect time to have them hop through your doors.

Restaurants Easter In-Car Marketing Idea

Your restaurant or cafe can leverage car screens to showcase your tasty Easter specials and promote reservations this March. Highlight your brunch deals, provide details on your fun and exciting family activities, or simply display your menu directly on the digital screen of nearby drivers.

Supermarket Easter In-Car Marketing Idea

Engage your potential customers with a dynamic Easter in-car campaign this March. When a driver searches for a Supermarket, your brand can appear with 4screen's Sponsored In-Car Search ad format. You can also go one step further and provide a special value-driven offer to lock in their Navigation and secure their business.

Events Easter In-Car Marketing Idea

Promote local Easter egg hunts, parades, and other family-friendly activities through In-Car Marketing campaigns, ensuring your event is top of mind for those looking for holiday entertainment.

Last year, 4screen not only took part in the prestigious IAA Mobility event in Munich, but we also embraced their theme of 'connected mobility' by displaying their event locations and activities on car screens across the city. This innovative promotion provided dynamic content to on-the-go participants and potential guests, raising awareness and boosting engagement for each aspect of their program. Imagine what this kind of strategy can do for you.

Let's Get Your Easter In-Car Marketing Campaign Hoppin’

This Easter, don't miss the chance to put your brand in front of your target audience when they are most receptive to your message.

With our innovative platform and expert team, 4screen can launch a campaign that captures the essence of your brand and speaks directly to your audience's Easter aspirations.

Connect with one of our Advisors today, and let's get started.

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