January 18, 2024

In-Car Marketing: The Next Frontier of Digital Promotions

In the ever-evolving world of digital promotions, a new frontier has emerged, reshaping how businesses connect with their audiences. This transformative opportunity is currently being used by top global brands to reach customers in a unique, exclusive space, delivering dynamic, hyper-personalized offers, deals, and discounts in real-time while also driving significant results. Don't miss your chance to stake your claim in 2024's most exciting new channel: In-Car Marketing.

In-Car Marketing is the new way for businesses to promote their products or services to drivers and on-the-go customers directly through the car screen.

Previously, brands could only reach drivers through traditional OOH advertising techniques, such as billboards and radio ads. However, with In-Car Marketing, brands now have a new way to engage with customers and drive new business.

4 pillars of in-car marketing

There are 4 core components that make for a successful In-Car Marketing campaign:

  1. Visibility
  2. Discoverability
  3. Relevancy
  4. Incentivization

Join us as we examine each pillar and show how you can leverage them to drive more customers to your door in 2024.

The 4 Pillars of In-Car Marketing

Visibility - Branded Pins

4screen branded pin

The first pillar of effective In-Car Marketing is visibility, and it's where Branded Pins play a crucial role. Branded Pins are an innovative ad format that turns each car screen into a potential billboard for your brand, signposting your business's location with your distinctive logo. This integration of branding into the navigational experience is a game-changer for digital promotions.

Instead of being one among many, represented by generic symbols on a driver’s in-car screen, your brand can stand out by leveraging its own distinct identity through a Branded Pin.

This level of personalized visibility goes beyond traditional advertising, offering a direct connection with potential customers right when they are making their critical decisions.

But visibility on its own can only get you so far. It is through delivering constant daily location impressions that your brand can build the familiarity pattern that is necessary to convert nearby drivers into long-lasting customers. This is how brands become part of the driver’s journey and eventually influence the decision-making process.

In a fast-paced world where attention is a prized asset, Branded Pins give you the visibility you need to remain top of mind for your on-the-move customers.

Click here to learn more about 4screen's Branded Pin ad format.

But what about connecting with drivers who are actively seeking a solution that you can provide? How can you ensure that your brand appears on their screen at their exact moment of need? That is where the next pillar of In-Car Marketing comes into effect: Sponsored In-Car Search.

Discoverability - Sponsored In-Car Search

Discoverability is a vital component in digital promotions, particularly in the realm of In-Car Marketing. This is where Sponsored In-Car Search comes into play, serving as a powerful tool for businesses to appear at the top of the most relevant driver search queries.

The best chance to secure the business of on-the-go customers is to appear and be discovered at the exact moment they are searching for your services.

Sponsored In-Car Search leverages this moment by ensuring that your business not only appears but stands out in these search results, bringing the concept of SEA into the automotive world and providing a prime position for your brand on the vehicle's navigational screen.

The innovation of Sponsored In-Car Search uses a combination of vehicle data and route analysis to deliver highly relevant and contextual search results to drivers.

The benefit of this approach is twofold:

  • First, it places your business directly in the path of potential customers at the exact moment they need you.
  • Secondly, it offers an enhanced brand experience. Your logo and unique propositions can be part of the search results, giving a clearer understanding of how your business can help the driver.

The effectiveness of Sponsored In-Car Search is evident in its impact on customer engagement and conversion rates. It's not just about appearing in search results; it's about being one of the first and most compelling options for drivers. This placement can drastically increase the chances of a driver choosing your business over competitors.

Search Results that Get Results

During a four-month Sponsored In-Car Search campaign, Shell, the leading fuel provider, experienced a significant 82% increase in Navigations to their selected locations. Additionally, they also observed a 68% increase in Search Clicks.

By ensuring their business appeared at the top of the most relevant in-car search results, Shell vastly improved the discoverability of their various branches and benefited from a significant increase in conversions and visits.

Click here to learn more about 4screen's Sponsored In-Car Search ad format.

Relevancy - In-Car Recommendations

4screen recommendations

Relevancy and timing are everything in digital promotions. Without these two factors, even the best ad copy in the world will land flat. That is why 4screen has developed a brand new ad format called In-Car Recommendations.

In-Car Recommendations harnesses the power of perfect timing, by leveraging real-time vehicle data to provide drivers with contextually relevant business suggestions exactly when they need them.

This revolutionary new ad format goes beyond the standard informative prompts that drivers receive to recommend specific nearby businesses as the ideal solution to their current requirements:

4screen recommendation triggers

  • Low Fuel - Instead of just stating that the vehicle needs a top-up, In-Car Recommendations will provide a prompt to navigate to a specific, nearby, sponsored station for refuelling.
  • Low Battery - If a driver's electric vehicle needs more power, an In-Car Recommendation arrives just in time with a guided suggestion for your solution.
  • Driver's Fatigue - Does a nearby driver need a break from a long journey? In-Car Recommendations can have your business appear at the ideal moment to suggest that they rest or get a coffee.
  • Destination Arrival - After a driver has reached their destination, you can deliver a unique In-Car Recommendation to secure them as a new customer. This could be an offer to pay for their parking if they come to your business.

The beauty of In-Car Recommendations lies in their immediacy. These prompts are not just advertisements; they are practical solutions to the real-time needs of drivers. The timing and relevance of this ad format dramatically increase the likelihood of a potential customer taking positive action, translating into more visits and engagements for your business.

In-Car Recommendations also take into account the safety and convenience of the driver. They are designed to be non-intrusive and compliant with all safety regulations, ensuring that your business is part of the responsible and driver-friendly ecosystem.

Click here to learn more about 4screen's In-Car Recommendations ad format.

Incentivization - The Detail Screen

4screen in-car offer

While visibility, discoverability, and relevance are all vital components of your In-Car Marketing strategy, they also act as gateways to the final pillar: Incentivization.

Through the Branded Pins, Sponsored In-Car Search, and Recommendations ad formats, drivers will be taken to an advanced business profile screen that showcases a variety of value-driven material, such as:

  • Your logo
  • Star ratings and reviews
  • Special services and amenities – WiFi, available restrooms, and parking
  • Branch phone number - with the ability to call directly from the car screen 

But what really makes this section unique is the ability to deliver a dynamic offer through the Detail Screen in an exclusive space.

The Detail Screen provides businesses with the opportunity to present tailored promotions, discounts, and deals directly through the car screen, captivating on-the-go customers at critical decision-making moments.

This integration of incentives into the navigational experience is a groundbreaking way to influence customer decisions and drive traffic to your business.

totalenergies 4screen

Totalenergies saw first-hand the benefits of their In-Car Marketing campaign as they received a +30% growth in location-based Search Clicks by providing an offer through the Detail Screen to on-the-go customers for their car wash services.

The Detail Screen is the ultimate key to incentivizing customers in the world of In-Car Marketing. By presenting exclusive, timely, and relevant deals through the car screen, you not only influence the driver’s decisions in real-time but also forge a stronger connection between your brand and your customers.

Learn more about the Detail Screen.

Getting Started with In-Car Marketing

In-Car Marketing represents a groundbreaking shift in the digital promotional landscape where the 4 pillars converge to create new, unprecedented business opportunities.

A new standard in connecting businesses with on-the-go consumers has been set. And as we embrace 2024, In-Car Marketing stands at the forefront of digital innovation, beckoning forward-thinking businesses to take part in this exciting journey.

So, don't miss out on capitalizing on 2024’s most exciting new digital promotional opportunity. Stake your claim in the new frontier today and drive your business to new heights with the revolutionary power of In-Car Marketing.

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