April 4, 2024

The Top Calls to Action of In-Car Marketing: A CTA Guide for Car Screens

When it comes to attracting customers, a compelling Call to Action (CTA) isn't just a part of the message; it is the message. Marketing CTAs serve as the guiding star that navigates the customer's journey, prompting immediate engagement and driving swift decisions. Whether it's a prompt to "Learn More" or a nudge towards a "Free Trial," a well-crafted CTA can transform passive interest into active participation.

In the sphere of marketing, CTAs are the critical pivot point between interest and action, a succinct phrase that can mean the difference between a missed opportunity and a conversion. Yet, not all CTAs are created equal. The context in which they are delivered, the timing of their appearance, and the relevance to the audience's immediate needs all contribute to their potency.

Now, imagine the possibilities when these marketing CTAs are delivered through a medium at the forefront of innovation and consumer engagement: the car screen.

With the latest advancements in car screen technology, a dynamic new era has emerged where each drive becomes a curated experience of strategic communication and targeted offers. But how exactly can you use In-Car Marketing to drive new business, and what are the specific actions that you should be calling on drivers to take?

Putting The Action into Call to Action

In the rapidly evolving landscape of digital marketing, In-Car Marketing emerges as a groundbreaking frontier. This innovative approach capitalizes on the increasing integration of digital screens within vehicles, presenting a unique opportunity to connect with customers in a captive setting. Unlike traditional digital advertising, which competes for attention in a sea of distractions, In-Car Marketing offers a focused environment where messages can resonate more profoundly with the audience.

The unique benefits of In-Car Marketing lie in its dynamic nature. Drivers encounter these digital touchpoints during various stages of their journey - from making decisions at the start of their daily commute to exploring new destinations.

This opens up unparalleled avenues for delivering contextually relevant and geo-targeted In-Car Marketing CTAs that speak directly to the immediate needs and interests of customers.

For instance, a CTA encouraging drivers to take a coffee break after a long driving session will deliver strong results, purely because of the relevance and timing of the message. 

in-car marketing CTA

The combination of a captive audience, the precision of contextual targeting, and the personal touch of tailored messages positions In-Car Marketing as a potent channel for engaging customers and delivering effective, compelling, and value-driven CTAs.

Leveraging In-Car Marketing CTAs for Maximum Engagement

The true goal of a well-crafted CTA is to prompt immediate action. And through In-Car Marketing, brands such as McDonald’s, Shell, and Waitrose are finding great success by tailoring unique, responsive CTAs in their latest campaigns. But what kind of marketing CTAs can you use to drive on-the-go customers straight to your location?

1. Go Now /Drive to the Location CTA

marketing cta

  • Use Case: Quick-service restaurants are leveraging 4screen's Sponsored In-Car Search to rank at the top of relevant search queries by hungry drivers.
  • Strategic Advantage: By targeting drivers at the moment they're deciding where to eat, a "Navigate Now" or "Drive to the Location" CTA can direct them straight to the nearest branch of your restaurant. Whether it is for dine-in or drive-thru, this is precision targeting at its finest, capturing the essence of convenience and immediacy.

2. Refuel or Recharge CTA

charging in-car marketing cta

  • Use Case: Gas stations and charging stations can utilize 4screen's In-Car Recommendation ad format to connect with drivers at the exact moment when their vehicle needs a top-up.
  • Strategic Advantage: By converting real-time vehicle data into navigational prompts, these marketing CTAs appear exactly when a driver's vehicle signals a need for refueling or recharging. This value-driven approach not only meets the immediate needs of your customers but also positions your brand as a timely, helpful solution provider.

3. Take a Break CTA

marketing cta drivers

  • Use Case: Coffee shops and cafes can benefit from this CTA by using an In-Car Recommendation campaign to trigger after a prolonged driving session.
  • Strategic Advantage: This CTA is not just about offering a timely coffee break; it's about adding value to the driver's journey by suggesting a pause for safety and relaxation. It's a perfect example of how In-Car Marketing can blend commercial interests with genuine care for the driver's well-being.

Each of these examples showcases the incredible potential of In-Car Marketing CTAs to offer timely, relevant, and action-oriented messages to drivers. By tapping into the unique context of each journey, businesses can craft compelling messages that resonate with drivers' immediate needs and desires, turning every trip into an opportunity for meaningful engagement.

4. Book Now CTA

marketing call to action

  • Use Case: Restaurants can use the classic "Book Now" CTA in their In-Car Marketing campaigns to drive on-the-go customers to take clear, immediate action.
  • Strategic Advantage: This allows drivers to conveniently Book a Table at their desired time through a dynamic promotion on the car screen. It's a seamless integration of planning and action, encouraging immediate engagement with your restaurant.

Your In-Car Marketing CTA

In our rapidly evolving digital landscape, In-Car Marketing stands as a frontier of untapped potential, offering a unique blend of immediacy, relevance, and personalization. Through strategic CTAs like Navigate Now, Refuel/Recharge, Take a Break, and Book Now, brands have the opportunity to transform every journey into an engaging experience, directly connecting with consumers in meaningful ways.

Don’t miss your chance to deliver impactful CTAs to your target audience. Click here to connect with one of our In-Car Marketing Advisors today.

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