March 21, 2024

Driving Revenue: How Targeting Drivers as Customers Can Fuel Business Growth

In today's fast-paced world, people are relying heavily on digital technology to simplify their lives, solve problems, and achieve their goals. As a result, many important decisions are being made on the go. To aid with this, people are starting to turn to their car screens for guidance and support.

This has led to the emergence of a new, exciting, and currently untapped audience for businesses: The Driver.

The Untapped Goldmine: The Value of Drivers as Targeted Customers

Today, the driver stands at the intersection of mobility and digital decision-making, making them an invaluable audience for businesses across countless verticals.

Compared to other target audiences, drivers tend to respond more positively to contextually relevant and timely messages. This is because they spend almost an hour every day behind the wheel, making the chances of them seeing and engaging with in-car marketing messages considerably high. Additionally, drivers are in a captive environment, making them more receptive to relevant offers and promotions displayed on their car screens.

Businesses at all touchpoints of a driver's journey are quickly realizing the benefits of connecting with and adding value to this unique audience, whether it be through promoting nearby gas stations, quick-service restaurants, or retail outlets.

But let's dive a layer deeper to see what makes this audience such an ideal customer base:

The 6 Reasons Why The Driver is Your Next Ideal Customer Profile (ICP): 

ICP - The Driver

  • Nearby: By geo-targeting drivers, you are communicating with potential customers in your area who are more likely to drive directly to your business.
  • Captive Audience: Drivers represent a captive audience with fewer distractions, making them more receptive to your marketing messages while on the go.
  • High Intent: Many drivers use their car screens to search for hyper-specific services and products, indicating a high intent to purchase.
  • Timely Engagement: You can reach drivers precisely when they're making decisions, offering solutions exactly at the moment of need.
  • Personalized Experience: With advanced In-Car Marketing, you can tailor your messages based on the driver's current location, destination, and preferences, ensuring a personalized, value-driven experience.
  • Repeat Exposure: Regular commuters and drivers are likely to encounter your marketing messages more frequently, increasing brand recognition, location awareness, and loyalty over time

Now that we understand the true value that targeting drivers can bring to your business, the question is: How can you connect and engage with them?

The answer to this lies in the new innovations found in the car screen.

The Car Screen: A Gateway to Engagement

marketing to drivers

Where once a mere navigational device, the car screen has evolved to become a comprehensive digital assistant. This shift has significantly increased the number of purchase decisions made from behind the wheel.

This evolution has also transformed the car screen into the most effective gateway for businesses to connect with and activate this promising new audience.

By leveraging the car screen as a new, direct channel, businesses have the potential to deliver targeted, relevant, and timely messages to drivers. These messages can range from location-based services and offers to real-time assistance and recommendations, all tailored to enhance the driving experience while opening new avenues for business growth.

Converting Drivers Into Repeat Customers

The brands that are starting to find true success in this space are the ones that have adopted a driver-focused marketing strategy. This strategy involves understanding the driver's journey and then creating a campaign that presents the solution to their real-time needs, thus increasing the chances of driving new business.

Your Driver-Focused Marketing Strategy

By leveraging 4screen's advanced ad formats, businesses like McDonald’s and Shell are already finding success with their driver-focused marketing strategies. These brands are using 4screen’s solutions to deliver timely, relevant messages that resonate with drivers and encourage repeat engagement and loyalty.

  • Branded Pins for Location Awareness: Imagine the impact of a driver seeing a Branded Pin for your business appear continuously on their route. This simple yet effective tool increases your visibility, raises location awareness, and draws nearby customers directly to your doorstep, making it a powerful method for boosting foot traffic and, consequently, sales.
  • Sponsored In-Car Search for Immediate Need Fulfillment: When drivers actively search for services or products, Sponsored In-Car Search results can put your business at the top of their list. This immediate solution to their needs not only positions your brand as a go-to option but also increases the likelihood of repeat visits as you become a trusted provider in their moment of need.
  • In-Car Recommendations for Timely Suggestions: Providing timely In-Car Recommendations through the car screen can significantly enhance the customer experience by offering value precisely when the driver needs it. Whether it’s a coffee shop suggesting a break during a long journey or a gas station appearing with an exclusive offer when the fuel is low, these targeted Recommendations encourage immediate results.

By utilizing 4screen's targeted advertising solutions in the car screen, businesses can create meaningful touchpoints that enrich the driver's experience. Each interaction is an opportunity to add value, solve a problem, or fulfill a need, laying the foundation for a strong, lasting relationship with the driver that results in a cycle of loyalty as well as sustained revenue growth.

Start Connecting With Drivers Today

In the current digital era, the road to success involves not just reaching an audience but engaging with them in meaningful ways. For businesses looking to capitalize on the unique opportunities presented by the driver as a customer, employing innovative solutions like those offered by 4screen can pave the way for unprecedented growth and loyalty.

Simply book your meeting and begin your journey with one of our In-Car Marketing Advisors today.

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